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Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Usefulness Of CAD

Computer Aided Designs (CAD) refers to the use of Softwares in a computer to produce drawings / designs.

Before the Advent of CAD, Good Architects have been making good drawings, but the problem was that it took a pretty long time to have that drawing completed especially if it's a work that involves a lot of Details.

This posed a challenge as no Construction work can start except he architect is done with his design. More so, the use of Repetitive patterns can cause a problem because there is a high possibility of Inconsistency being revealed as such patterns if being drawn.

So, Generally, there have been Limitations in Hand drawings; for I instance, if an Oil Rig is to be designed, how in the World does the Architect want to archives that-hand drawn??? It will take 'Forever' before he will be done with it.

The advent of CAD however, has brought a drastic Change to the World of design on its own: instead of one having to waste 2-3 days working on a Design for a Residential Building, he can have it completed in a day with a 3-D Rendering image of the Design to Complement!!'
That came out recently tho', because it can be said for CAD or any other thing whatsoever that hasn't undergone improvements before reaching the level of development and Flexibility when it comes to human use that it is now.

Not withstanding, the issue is, one has to first learn the Software before he can make use of it. The good thing however is, the softwares are related to the Architectural field, so all one has to do is to find that tool with the ability to do that job he'd have done with his hands, and use his mouse-instead of his hands- to perform that operation.

I usually told my Students while I was instructing them on the use of AutoCAD, that CAD generally is a 'Lazy Tool'. The Laziest Of them I know of is ArchiCAD.
ArchiCAD is an Architectural Software that aids the production of Architectural Drawings with great ease! Insomuch as you are creating your plan, a Section, Elevation, and 3-D view of your drawing is automatic created for you!

The commonest CAD software is AutoCAD and it is commonly called the Mother Of All CAD Softwares: this is because most users of other CAD softwares ( not restricted to Architectural CAD Softwares)sometimes move their drawings to AutoCAD for Finishing Touches.

In Summary, CAD has generally proven to give a Better end result to our designs than Hand Drawings. This is because it(CAD) eliminates errors in the process of producing your drawings.

It's Obvious: CAD use is Better than Hand a Drawings...You're Welcome.



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