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Monday, 21 October 2013

The Blog Is Open!

So you think you know a thing or two about Architecture? Feel free to share it.

The Whole idea of the Blog is to make it 100% interactive; that way, it won't just be The Editor that will be posting, you too'll just have to be Authorized.

Simple Steps To Authorization
-You'll need a Google Account

-You Must possess a good Style of Writing

-...a Lil sense of Humour will be a Plus-an Official Letter for Authorization should be sent to; attached to it should be two Architectural  Articles(with or without images) which will be sent to the same Gmail address.

-Pending your Approval, at least 1 comment on each of the Post would be needed;
Active Participation in the Group Chat Forum will be a Plus.

-When you are approved, a comfirmation mail will be sent to you to accept an invitation from us, accept this, then you're good to go!



ALL the requirement/steps are tiring.
can't it be simpler?

@Okiem, simply send an Architectural Article to the Gmail address there.
Remember to have a Gmail Account tho',thank you.

@editor i opened a Google account cos i wanted to b part of this but when i sent the write up or article it was rejected by Google .what can i do?

You can send the Article to, then I'll help you post it in the site.

that was exactly what i did...well I'll just forget about it.

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