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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Reviews by Architecture Critics on The World's 7-Star Hotel

Weird as it may, even the great Burj Al Arab Hotel got criticisms from Archirects. It's actually normal for even spectacular works to be criticized but this too? The criticisms however, are not largely negatives tho', read them below...

Burj Al Arab has attracted criticism as well "a contradiction of sorts, considering how well-designed and impressive the construction ultimately proves to be."[23] The contradiction here seems to be related to the hotel’s decor. "This extraordinary investment in state-of-the-art construction technology stretches the limits of the ambitious urban imagination in an exercise that is largely due to the power of excessive wealth." 

Another critic includes negative critiques for the city of Dubai as well: "both the hotel and the city, after all, are monuments to the triumph of money over practicality. Both elevate style over substance."[23] 

Yet another: "Emulating the quality of palatial interiors, in an expression of wealth for the mainstream, a theater of opulence is created in Burj Al Arab … The result is a baroque effect".[23]

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