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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quality: What It Really Entails

The Advanced Dictionary and Thesaurus simply defines Quality as something, someone that is 'of Superior Grade'.
But unlike in English or General terms, Quality in Architecture cannot be defined categorically because some bodies and persons will have to access, and approve the Work as Quality work in their own Criteria before a building can Finally be viewed as Quality work.

According to Stephen Emmitt, the Author of Architectural Technology, he tries to make us understand that Quality in Architecture and Building generally is not exactly as we presume it to be.

"Each group's perception of quality will vary depending on their particular position in the development 'team'. Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of confusion when people talk about achieving quality in construction, despite a growing body of literature addressed a such issues. Usually the word 'quality' is used in a subjective manner, rather than in an objective sense that can be tested and benchmarked."he says.
"To confuse the issue further, provision of a Quality Service does not necessarily mean quality work, nor does a quality building necessarily have to be the product of a Quality Service. The two should however be inseparable (Maister 1993)."he also said.

In Conclusion, Cuff (1991) puts to argument the principal Judges of any buildings Quality:
1.) The Consumers, the Building Users, and the Public at Large.
2.) The Participants in the Design and Assembly Process,
3.) The Architectural Profession.

It's interesting to note that these three groups have different criteria for determining quality. So, if a building is to be perceived as 'Excellent', it must be perceived as Excellent by all three groups!

So, I believe I've made you understand that the way you might have been perceiving Quality in Architecture might have not necessarily been the way it should be perceived; but if you're still in doubt, you may consider reading Stephen Emmitt's Architectural Technology,page 12,13.



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