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Friday, 28 February 2014

Dealing With Frustrations In Architecture

Ever been Frustrated? Ever had that moment when you even start to doubt whether Architecture is your calling due to the level of 'difficulty' of assignment you have to Accomplish?
Think I have a simple solution for you...

I remember when I started my First Year in Architectural School, I wanted to quit just few weeks in. The 'Stress' and many-many Frustrations was almost becoming unbearable, but what changed everything (aside God) was the Advise of one of my Course mates; he said and I quote: 

"Architecture is a Thing of The Mind"

This statement is however Broad and can be applied in different Architectural Aspects but in this regards it means that it is the Architect's Mind that determines his productivity as not his physical strength. And the interesting thing is, any Architect that can take charge of his mind will surely become a good architect.

My CourseMates made that statement because of I told him that am tired of Architecture(can't really remember how I put it)...but anyways, that Advice changed everything...well,almost everything.

One thing is for sure tho'-TEMPTATIONS TO BE FRUSTRATED  WILL COME, but it's how you deal with it that matters. 

The Reasons for The many Frustrations of the Architecture Student is not much:
The Commonest reason is when the student is genuinely trying to come up with a Concept for a Design and it seems it's not working out. That scenario can really blow anyone's mind, make you start thinking of all the random negative things that might have happened to you and so on...

But it might interest you that there is a very easy way out of Frustration...well, aside praying...and that way out is DOING NOTHING!
You probably find that hard to believe right? But that's the best solution.
This is due to the fact that anything you do during that moment of frustration will either amount to very little or even nothing at all!!!
So when next you start to encounter difficulties in Architectural Designs and all, just take a break: play FIFA, COD or find something interesting to will calm you down am make you think straight,

But make sure your Break is not for too long tho'...




apart from the frustration of trying to come up with a good design,what other thing(s) do you find tedious in Archy?

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