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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nigerian Contemporary Architecture-GT Banks

Anyone who has seen the 'Wonderfulness' of any GT Bank Branches in Nigeria, will JUST have to look again the second time-no matter how much the person claims to hate Architecture.

Am not am exception (I am A Lover of Architecture tho'), but I find myself still looking at the GT Bank branch Building that is closest to my house and still end up finding it as interesting g as the first time I saw it.

It's quite interesting when Architects start to think 'outside the Box'. It's seems the GT Bank Group have just made the design of 'Crazy' Structures as part of their branding.
I'd have loved to know the Architect for the Bank, but when I did my lil research, I found out that it's actually different Archie Companies that take charge of different bank-branch project,and they still come up with the same crazy designs!

Some of the GT Bank Architects include:
-Temidayo David Ogunremi
-Formwork Limited
-Nicolas Tye Architects (foreign Architects)
-Oladapo Abejirine 
-3D World Consultants
-James George

GT Bank, Lawanson Branch

To me, the Lawanson Branch seems to make the most Promulgated of all the GT Bank designs. Sky Scaper City has this to say:

"Architecture has the potential to do much more than just delineate
spaces for human activities, in truth; architecture can create
excitement and bring new energy to a community. That much did the
design sleuthe find out while chatting with James George on his self
styled ‘twist cube’ design for the Guaranty Trust Bank branch in
Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos; which has since completion become a head
turning spectacle in the ever bustling neighbourhood. It is not
always that you encounter a building that makes you look again,
especially in the seediest parts of Lagos, James George tells us why
and how he set out to do what he did with the building."

More Kudos, however, should be given to the Nigerian Architect who came up with the Brand design. 

Tis not only GT Bank tho', that has such crazy structures, a lot of the Buildings on the islands, mainlands, Abuja and other parts of the Country still got some interesting Buildings.

More coming your way soon.



who talk say Nigerians don loose their pride.THIS NA PRIDING THING NA.Thanks to God @architects

We Still the Best at Everything-even at Architecture!
We Architects should come to that fact soon enough!

Yeah basie this is Aloba great blogspot.... Yea great architectural piece GTB got there but i still believe most of our structures even architectural ones are uninspiring most people just care for shelter and not asthetics. Most residential buildings posses low functional quality, You see a residential building looking like a school building and vice versa, well am not speaking ill of our country but the fact is that many nigerians have not seen a need for architecture in their structure a contractor or draughtman will never give you something that will blow your mind in terms of function and pattern..asthetics because they were not trained to do so, so i see a need for nigerians to be educated and enlighted on the need of a certified architect in any form of project to be executed..

GTB structures are really spectatular...architecture can only get more interesting...

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