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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Complexity Of Simplicity

A Simple Plan of A House

The English People will call my Topic am Oxymoron.
I do not claim to know everything about this Topic tho'-and I don't believe any one does- but I do know that a good understanding of the Concept is enough for any Designer to use as a Basis for his design-any kind of design(not necessarily Buildings).

Simplicity as Defined by Apple during their introduction of their IOS 7-which I use- is Basically Bringing Order To Complexity.

If you've looked closely to notice, you'd find out that the Masterpieces of Architecture, Landmarks, and Great Designs usually follow a Form, a simple form.
Taking the Burj Al Arab Hotel for example, as complex as the Hotel looks, the basic Idea was just to design a building that can withstand the prevailing ocean winds; then he thought of a Yatch Form Design. Every other complexities there rests and follows the simple Yatch concept.

But the problem now is, people usually Assume that Big Peojects must have Big Designs to go with them; then they start to think! Think!! Think!!! And only few get lucky to come up with something good at the end, while the others come up with mediocre designs or nothing at all!
They fail to understand that, the 'Harder' or complex the project design is, the more simple concept it should follow.

So, when next you want to design something 'Big', start small! 
For instance, if it is a house, draw a Box.
Make out holes for doors and windows...of there's going to be a pool in the house, let it be close to the Master Bedroom. Remove the wall demarcating the master bedroom and the Pool,replace it with a see through glass. 
Use white as the list prevailent color...think I'll stop here because am sure your getting the picture already....

Just remember, before you want to start a design, think Simple!



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