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Friday, 4 October 2013

Nigeria's 'Floating' School

What a refreshing idea!! Now this is the kind of architecture that excites me, it may not be a huge 25 floor hotel complex, or a luxury mansion or shopping centre, but it responds to the majority. The very same people who are neglected in Nigeria, by the politicians, the economy and the built environment. The people of Makoko are street-smart, which is ironic since a vast majority of them live on water, however they are very ingenious in the ways that they are able to maintain their livelihoods in Makoko, therefore it only makes sense that in respone to their culture, that the architecture is not only unique but reflects the Makoko way of life.

A floating school designed and built by NLÉ, a practice founded by Kunlé Adeyemi who is Nigerian born and raised is pictured above, composed mainly of timber and protected in a corrugated roof. More info on Adeyemi:

"Adeyemi studied architecture at the University of Lagos where he began his early practice, before joining the world renowned Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in 2002. At OMA, working closely with founder Rem Koolhaas for nearly a decade, he led the design, development and execution of numerous projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Among these projects were the award winning Samsung Museum of Art, the Seoul National University Museum, NM Rothschild Bank in London, Shenzhen Stock Exchange tower in China, Prada Transformer in South Korea, Qatar National Library, Qatar Foundation Headquarters and the 4th Mainland Bridge and master plan in Lagos. Adeyemi was responsible for critical stages in design and realization of these projects. This involved leading OMA’s design team, coordinating a diverse global network of stakeholders and experts collaborators, including Arup for Engineering and Davis Langdon (AECOM) on cost matters."

"Nearing the completion of Makoko Floating School, NLÉ and Makoko community marked this moment with a public preview and cultural celebration on March 2, 2013. The event was attended by Mrs. Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje, the Country Director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as well as representatives of Lagos State Government, UNHabitat, SCCU, LMDGP, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Makoko community, leaders, press, friends, NLÉ staff, international collaborators and a wide range of supporters from Nigeria and beyond. With over 200 people on board the Floating School, the 'boat' remained steady while the event rocked - keynote speeches, drinks, food, music, dancing and exciting cultural performances marked this memorable day!"

More details about this project:
"PROGRAM: School, Community Building
AREA: 220 m2
STATUS: Finished
SUPPORT: United Nations Development Programme/Federal Ministry of Environment (AAP) & Heinrich Böll Foundation
TEAM: Kunlé Adeyemi, Lisa Anderson, Thijs Bouman, Leslie Ebony, Marije Nederveen, Segun Omodele, Adekunle Olusola, Chryso Onisiforou, Martin Oreoluwa, Berend Strijland & Monica Velasco
Makoko Waterfront Community: The Baales of Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Community, with special mention of Baale Emmanuel Shemede, Noah Jesutin Shemede, Jeunbete Shemede, Makoko Community Development Association & Youth Leaders and Makoko Floating School building team.
COLLABORATORS: Blok Kats van Veen Architects, Dykstra – Naval Architects, Thieu Besselink, Roel Bosch, Urhahn + Borra, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Ikeyi & Arifayan, Solarmate Engineering Ltd., Renderings Tim van Bentum




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