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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Architects Vs Engineers (1)

It is also obvious the fact that all Buildings/ Landscapes made use of during those Ages had both Form(which gives the aesthetics) and Function(Utility).

The Engineers sadly enough believe that they are more impirtant than we Architects when it comes to Building Construction. This is because we have given them a reason to think and say so, when in real sense, that is not true!

The Job of the Engineers to build Structures is important; they are the ones that bring all buildings/structures/machines Etc drawn out by an architect or Designer to Real Life.

But come to think of it: if the Architect doesn't give the Engineer anything anything to Build, what will he(the Engineer) build? 

More so, unlike the Engineer, an Architect can get a job to both Design and Build. This gives him an upper hand in the sense that he can Legally get a Contract to both design and Supervise the Construction of small Projects.

In addition to this, despite the advent of Project Management and all, the Architect is most cases is still the Leading Consultant in Big Building Projects. Reason is obvious: it's the Architects' Design, he has to be there to ensure that everything goes as he has planned!

Generally, it's quite annoying to hear when Engineers come around and start tlrantig that they are better than we Architects. No doubt they are good, but they can never be better than us. 



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